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Brian Sewell art collection to be sold at Using Computers to Analyse Language in Historical Research." Attributions by Empirical 'Internal Evidence': The Case of Blackie and Burton." Authorship, 1.1, Fall (2011)Peter Anstey and John Burrows, 'John Locke, Thomas Sydenham, and the Authorship of Two Medical Documents,' (2009), article 3. Rosso and Pablo Moscato (2009) "Shakespeare and Other English Renaissance Authors as Characterized by Information Theory Complexity Quantifiers." , 33, 76-91. Machine-readable edition Some publications by members and associates of the Centre result from the analysis of data sets which are not usefully published as part of a printed paper. Brian Sewell art collection to be sold at
Brian Sewell 1931-2015, the renowned and controversial art critic, award-winning journalist and author, worked at Christie’s as a picture expert.

Shakespeare's Hamlet resources – MOOCs - University of Birmingham Although Ophelia avers that she could not determine the cause, Polonius concludes that it could be no other than unrequited love and decides to take up the matter with the king lest the unstable mind of the prince undermines the well-being of the kingdom. Shakespeare's Hamlet resources – MOOCs - University of Birmingham
On Ophelia in general, see Elaine Showalter's classic 1985 essay. tale to Dido' in Hamlet.

The Tempest Allusions - Shmoop , Sydney University Press/Oxford University Press, 36-53, 241-9. Some readers, however will want to examine these source data in more detail and to aid this, data sets will, when appropriate be published here on the web. The Tempest Allusions - Shmoop
Authors love making allusions to all sorts of stuff, and so does William Shakespeare in The Tempest. Learn all about them here.

Folk-lore of Shakespeare Chapter VIII. In this play three sons have lost their fathers; Hamlet and Ophelia are afflicted with differing kinds of madness, fened and real. Folk-lore of Shakespeare Chapter VIII.
P. 190. CHAPTER VIII. PLANTS. That Shakespeare possessed an extensive knowledge of the history and superstitions associated with flowers is

Hamlet Essay - Hamlet's Ear - How quickly these six weeks have gone by: as several of you have pointed out, it is impossible to do justice to a play as rich as Hamlet in such a short time, but it has been a terrific luxury to have the opportunity to discuss it with all of you across a little month and a half – on most university-level Shakespeare courses Hamlet would flash past in a week or at most two. Hamlet <em>Essay</em> - Hamlet's Ear -
Essays and criticism on William Shakespeare's Hamlet - Hamlet's Ear. of so sweet breath', the 'music vows', with which he wooed Ophelia are no longer part. for it is Dido's place which Hamlet effectively occupies when in Act 2 he asks the.

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