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Whose Stupid War Was This? Solidarity People who care about good language tend to assume that casual spoken language is full of chaos and error. Whose <strong>Stupid</strong> War Was This? Solidarity
Peter Gowan. THE RAMBOUILLET ACCORD was an ultimatum for a war against Serbia, and the terms of the ultimatum demonstrated that if the Serbian.

Silence resembling stupidity 205 Summer 2011 Peter Slezak. Cascio made the case that the array of problems facing humanity — the end of the fossil-fuel era, the fragility of the global food web, growing population density, and the spread of pandemics, among others – will force us to get smarter if we are to survive. Silence resembling <strong>stupidity</strong> 205 Summer 2011 <strong>Peter</strong> Slezak.
Silence resembling stupidity. By Peter Slezak; 205 Summer 2011. 'One has to belong to the intellentsia to believe things like that no ordinary man could be.

Observations on film art It's the 80s, stupid - David Bordwell In the quiet spaces opened up by the sustained, undistracted reading of a book, or by any other act of contemplation, for that matter, we make our own associations, draw our own inferences and analogies, foster our own ideas…. Observations on film art It's the 80s, <i>stupid</i> - David Bordwell
A video essay on constructive editing. It's the 80s, stupid. This judgment is spelled out most fully in Peter Biskind's Easy Riders and Raging.

Part 1 A review of responses to a tension pair about whether. “I’m not thinking the way I used to,” he wrote, in part because he is becoming a skimming, browsing reader, rather than a deep and engaged reader. Part 1 A review of responses to a tension pair about whether.
Q1 Google won't make us stupid. is that when the only information on a topic is a handful of essays or books, the best. Peter Norv, Google Research Director. “Google will make us stupid and intellent at the same time.

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