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Heisenberg / Uncertainty Principle - Werner Heisenberg and the. Malik; 5 December 1901 – 1 February 1976) was a German theoretical physicist and one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics. The life of Werner Heisenberg, by the AIP Center for History of Physics. Text by historian David C. Cassidy and many illustrations describe Heisenberg's.

Werner Karl Heisenberg facts, information, pictures Encyclopedia. Werner Heisenberg was born on 5th December, 1901, at Würzburg. It was probably due to his influence that Heisenberg remarked, when the Japanese physicist Yukawa discovered the particle now known as the meson and the term "mesotron" was proposed for it, that the Greek word "mesos" has no "tr" in it, with the result that the name "mesotron" was changed to "meson". Get information, facts, and pictures about Werner Karl Heisenberg at. Heisenberg's dissertation involved an approximate solution of the.

Werner Heisenberg German physicist and philosopher In 1929 he went on a lecture tour to the United States, Japan, and India. Heisenberg finished his formal work for a doctorate in 1923 with a dissertation on about Werner Heisenberg. 12 References found in Britannica Articles.

Heisenberg, Werner — Universalium Peierls Reinhard Oehme Friedwardt Winterberg Peter Mittelstaedt Șerban Țițeica Ivan Supek Erich Bagge Hermann Arthur Jahn Heimo Dolch Hans Heinrich Euler Edwin Gora Bernhard Kockel Arnold Siegert Wang Foh-san Karl Ott Bary F. Heisenberg, Werner ▪ German physicist and philosopher Introduction in full Werner Karl Heisenberg born Dec. 5, 1901, Würzburg, Ger. died Feb. 1, 1976, Munich,

Heisenberg, Werner physicist Werner’s mother, née Anna Wecklein, was the daughter of the rector of the elite Maximilians-Gymnasium in Munich. Werner Karl Heisenberg was born on December 5, 1901, in Wurzberg, in the southern German state of Bavaria. Completing his doctoral dissertation on turbulence in fluid streams in 1923, Heisenberg.

Werner Karl Heisenberg facts, information, pictures Heisenberg also had to take the four-hour laboratory course in experimental physics offered by Prof. Wien insisted that any physicist, including Sommerfeld's brilliant theorists, must be fully prepared in experimental physics. Heisenberg, Werner Karl. Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography COPYRHT 2008 CharlesHeisenberg’s dissertation involved an approximate solution of the complicated equations governing.

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