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George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950 - imagi- In 1884 The Fabian Society was founded in England with the aim of bringing about a socialist society by means of intellectual debate, the publication of books and pampets, and the "permeation" of socialist ideas into the universities, the press, government institutions, and political parties. Includes a brief biography and the essay, 'How to Write a Popular Play'.

George Bernard Shaw Defends Hitler, Mass Murder The first of dozens of plays about Joan's life appeared just a few years after her burning; the most famous modern treatment appeared just a few years after her canonization. PLEASE READ In this clip from the 2008 film "The Soviet Story", we see that George Bernard Shaw, the celebrated progressive playwrht defended Hitler, advocated ing those who can't justify their existence and ed for the development of lethal gas 10 years before the national socialists in Germany did exactly that. George Bernard Shaw was one of the left's most revered fures and the only person to win both an Oscar and a Nobel prize. In this clip Snore documents three points that many viewers find disturbing 1. Shaw was a vocal supporter of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini 2. Shaw supported mass ing of the unproductive 3. Shaw advocated creating a Zyklon-B type gas to allow more "humane" mass ing The historical record for these claims is clear, but many posters dispute the second point by stating without support that Shaw was being sarcastic. Unfortunately, this is clearly not the case as is obvious from reading Shaw's writings and public comments in the broad context of the time they were written. When Shaw's controversial statements on eugenics were reported in the media, he did not dispute them or claim that the quotes were taken out of context. I welcome anyone to challenge the director on these and other points, but please provide specific support for any claims rather than just stating your own wistful thinking on the topic. Also, to avoid betraying your norance on Shaw's views, PLEASE READ at least Section One of the preface to Shaw's play "On the Rocks" which fleshes out the full logic and substance of Shaw's view on "extermination" BEFORE becoming the 1000th person to express your cognitive dissonance with an unsupported claim that "this must be satire" or that it was "taken out of context". In fact the historical context explains exactly why Shaw's logic was appealing at the time. I know that these uncomfortable historical facts don't fit the trite morality play that we Americans learned in school but National Socialism and Soviet Socialism did not spring forth suddenly from nowhere.

Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw and its film version “My fair. Service is excellent and forms various forms of communication all help with customer service. Pygmalion” by George Bernard Shaw and its film version “My fair lady” Essay. Pygmalion written by Bernard Shaw, was first performed on stage with Rex.

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