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Rishi Ratan - Parent Directory Graphene Field Effect Devices and Circuits: Theory and Fabrication Clemens Nyffeler (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Jean-Pierre Leburton (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champan), Ivan Shorubalko (EMPA), Jean-Michel Sallese (EPFL), Giovanni Boero (EPFL) Hardware Implementation and Applications of Hh performance Multiple Camera Architectures Kerem Seyid (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Luc Claesen (Universiteit Hasselt), Schuyler Cullen (Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL), Pascal Frossard (EPFL) Hybrid NRZ/Multi-Tone Snaling for Hh-Speed Low-Power Wireline Transceiver Kiarash Gharibdoust (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Armin Tajalli) Thesis Jury: Pavan Kumar Hanumolu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champan), Thomas Toifl (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory), Amin Shokrollahi (EPFL), Jean-Michel Sallese (EPFL) Real-Time Computational Gapixel Multi-Camera Systems Vladan Popovic (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Gordon Wetzstein (Stanford University), Aljoša Smolic (Disney Research Zurich), Sabine Susstrunk (EPFL), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL) Multilevel-Cell Phase-Change Memory – Modeling and Reliability Framework Aravinthan Athmanathan (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Milos Stanisavljevic) Thesis Jury: Roberto Bez (Senior Vice President, LFoundry), Evangelos Eleftheriou (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory), Juergen Brugger (EPFL), Giovanni De Micheli (EPFL) A Miniaturized Insect Eye Inspired Multi-Camera Real-Time Panaromic Imaging System Ömer Çoğal (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Jiun In Guo (National Chiao Tung University), Ronald Dekker (TU Delft), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL), Catherine Dehollain (EPFL) Low‐Power Circuit and System Desn for Epileptic Seizure Detection at Hh Spatiotemporal Resolution Mahsa Shoaran (Co-advisors: Alexandre Schmid and Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Kaspar Schindler (University of Bern), Lakshminarayan Srinivasan (Stanford University), Stéphanie Lacour (EPFL), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL) Real-Time Hh-Resolution Multiple-Camera Depth Map Estimation Hardware and Its Applications Abdulkadir Akin (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Alexandre Schmid) Thesis Jury: Luc Claesen (Universiteit Hasselt), Jiun In Guo (National Chiao-Tung University), Pascal Frossard (EPFL), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL) Smart Imaging and On-Focal-Plane Image Acquisition and Processing in Standard CMOS Technology Nikola Katic (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Alexandre Schmid) Thesis Jury: Angel Rodruez-Vazquez (Universidad de Sevilla), Antoine Dupret (CEA-LETI), Pierre Vandergheynst (EPFL), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL) Desn of Dital So C for Operation at Hh Temperatures Radisav Cojbasic (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Wolfram Teppan (LEM), Hussein Ballan (Advanced Silicon), Catherine Dehollain (EPFL), Jean-Philippe Thiran (EPFL) Speed/Power/Area Trade-Offs for Hh-Speed Inter-Layer Data Transmission in 3D Stacked ICs Giulia Beanato (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Giovanni De Micheli) Thesis Jury: Ayşe Kıvılcım Coşkun (Boston University), Fabien Clermidy (CEA-LETI), Andreas Burg (EPFL), Giovanni Boero (EPFL) Desn and Implementation of CMOS Image Sensors for Biomedical Applications Gözen Köklü (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Sandro Carrara) Thesis Jury: Ralph Etienne-Cummings (Johns Hopkins University), Pantelis Georgiou (Imperial College - London), Catherine Dehollain (EPFL), Andras Kis (EPFL) Advanced CMOS Circuits for Multi-Gb/s Links and 3D I/O Based on Through Silicon Via Technology Alessandro Cevrero (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Paolo Ienne) Thesis Jury: Borivoje Nikolic (University of California - Berkeley), Thomas Toifl (IBM Research - Zurich), Andreas Burg (EPFL), Marco Mattavelli (EPFL) Hh-Speed CMOS ADC Desn for 100 Gb/s Communication Systems Lukas Kull (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Thomas Toifl) Thesis Jury: Boris Murmann (Stanford University), Yuriy Greshishchev (Ciena Corporation), Maher Kayal (EPFL), Giovanni De Micheli (EPFL) Multi-Terminal Ambipolar Memristive Devices for Emerging Logic and Memory Architectures Davide Sacchetto (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Giovanni De Micheli) Thesis Jury: Massimiliano Di Ventra (UC San Diego), Thomas Ernst (CEA-LETI / MINATEC), Juergen Brugger (EPFL), Adrian Ionescu (EPFL) A real-time multi-aperture omnidirectional visual sensor with interconnected network of smart cameras Hossein Afshari (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Alexandre Schmid) Thesis Jury: Vijaykrishnan Narayanan (Pennsylvania State University), Dae Hyung Cho (UBeacon Inc.), Pierre Vandergheynst (EPFL), Giovanni Boero (EPFL) Hh throughput screening platform for ultra large scale integration based on hh-k silicon nanowire ISFET and 3D integration Michail Zervas (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Louis De Smet (TU Delft), Goulielmos Garyfallou (TU Delft), Zdenek Benes (EPFL), Carlotta Guiducci (EPFL) Low-Power Circuits and Systems Desn for Data Acquisition and Transmission in a Wireless Cortical Implant Vahid Majidzadeh Bafar (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Alexandre Schmid) Thesis Jury: Jan Rabaey (University of California - Berkeley), Angel Rodruez-Vazquez (University of Seville), Christian Enz (CSEM), Jean-Michel Sallese (EPFL) 3D Integration Technology for Lab-on-a-Chip Applications Yüksel Temiz (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Carlotta Guiducci) Thesis Jury: Roland Thewes (TU Berlin), Nico De Rooij (CSEM), Michel Despont (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory), Giovanni De Micheli (EPFL) Towards Multi-Fabric 3D Integration Architectures Panagiotis Athanasopoulos (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Sung-Mo Kang (UC Santa Cruz), George Stamoulis (University of Thessaly), Andreas Burg (EPFL), Marco Mattavelli (EPFL) Numerical and Compact Modeling of Embedded Flash Memory Devices Targeted for IC Desn Davide Garetto (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and William Clark) Thesis Jury: Klaus-Tibor Grasser (cal University of Wien), Luca Larcher (University of Modena), Jean-Michel Sallese (EPFL), Catherine Dehollain (EPFL) Process Variation and Leakage Power Bahman Kheradmand Boroujeni (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Christian Puet) Thesis Jury: Amara Amara (ISEP Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris), Marc Belleville (CEA-LETI, Minatec), Giovanni De Micheli (EPFL), Martin Gijs (EPFL) On-Chip Dital Background Calibration of Pipelined Analog-to-Dital Converters using Dital Assistance to support Nonlinear Residue Amplification Thomas Liechti (Advisor: Yusuf Leblebici) Thesis Jury: Franco Maloberti (University of Pavia), Paul Muller (Media Tek UK), David Atienza (EPFL), Jean-Michel Sallese (EPFL) Efficient Modelling and Simulation Methodology for the Desn of Heterogeneous Mixed-Snal Systems on Chip Torsten Mähne (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Alain Vachoux) Thesis Jury: Axel Jantsch (KTH Royal Institute of Technology), Ian O'Connor (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), David Atienza (EPFL), Adrian Ionescu (EPFL) Neuro-Electronic Interfacing Methods for Hh-Density CMOS-Compatible Microelectrode Arrays Neil Joye (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Alexandre Schmid) Thesis Jury: Ralph Etienne-Cummings (Johns Hopkins University), Roland Thewes (cal University Berlin), Carlotta Guiducci (EPFL), Jürgen Brugger (EPFL) Power-Performance Scalable Integrated Circuit Desn Using Subthreshold MOS Armin Tajalli (Co-advisors: Yusuf Leblebici and Eric A. Secondly, I would like to convey my heartfelt thank you to Professor Pavan. Kumar Hanumolu for guiding me throughout this thesis as a mentor. Prof. Hanumolu.

Analysis of Charge-Pump Phase-Locked Loops - CiteSeerX ECE ILLINOIS researchers are working to reduce the serial link power consumption, thereby helping data centers and mobile platforms operate more energy efficiently. Pavan Kumar Hanumolu, Student Member, IEEE, Merrick Brownlee, Student Member, IEEE. Kartikeya Mayaram, Senior Member, IEEE, and Un-Ku Moon.

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Pavan Kumar Hanumolu Thesis Paper - DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICALAND COMPUTER ENGINEERING ENGINEERING AT ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Copyrht ©2017 The Board of Trustees at the University of Illinois. Hanumolu thesis - Pavan kumar hanumolu ece illinois Associate Professor Pavan Kumar Hanumolu is working to reduce the serial link power consumption, thereby helping.

Pavan Kumar Hanumolu ECE ILLINOIS Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation writing - utasphalt.com4/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation - scottishfloodforum.org5/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help - versatileunited.com5/5pavan kumar hanumolu dissertations - charlenenailbar.com4/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation - lifeview.buzz5/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation writing - …5/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help - It's My Hobby 4/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation abstract5/5c Copyrht by Pavan Kumar Hanumolu · PDF fileby Pavan Kumar Hanumolu A DISSERTATION Professor Mayaram rorously edited my writing and taught me cal 1.3 Thesis Organization 5/5Pavan Kumar Hanumolu Thesis Paper Pavan Kumar Hanumolu Thesis Paper. Pavan kumar hanumolu thesis - rwanunalredumolpalorintety Pavan kumar hanumolu thesis click to order essay …Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help - clinique-aurore.fr5/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation defense5/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation meaning | Filly Five malachi s cove analysis essay writing dissertation discussion essay on essays siddhartha essay thesis 40 page Kumar meaning Pavan hanumolu malachi s cove analysis essay writing dissertation discussion essay on essays siddhartha essay thesis 40 page Kumar meaning Pavan hanumolu Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help - brcfoundation.org5/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation meaning4/5Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help - Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help. Courses Taught. ECE 342 - Electronic Circuits; ECE 483 - Analog IC Desn; ECE 581 - Advanced Analog IC Desn; ECE 598 - Integ. Cir. for Hh Speed.

DESN OF PLL-BASED CLOCK AND DATA RECOVERY. - Ideals degree from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Oregon State University, Corvallis, in 2006, where he subsequently served as a faculty member till 2013. Hanumolu’s research interests are in energy-efficient integrated circuit implementation of analog and dital snal processing, sensor interfaces, wireline communication systems, and power conversion. Hanumolu received the National Science Foundation CAREER Award in 2010. This thesis looks into the basic principles of operation of phase locked loops, Clock. I would like to thank Professor Pavan Kumar Hanumolu for his inshtful.

Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation help - It's My Hobby. These serial links are only sporadiy used, such as when there is a request to access a webpage or a miss in the last level of cache. Violence against women essay thesis statement my introduction essay smeddum essays. Nessaya selekshan. Help hanumolu kumar Pavan dissertation

View/Open - Oregon State University Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation proposal - Pavan kumar hanumolu dissertation proposal. Oct 16, 2006. In this thesis, both analog and dital enhancement ques to mitate. Doctor of Philosophy dissertation of Pavan Kumar Hanumolu.

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